I am midnight. I am too dark.

I am not 'exotic'.

The curls in my hair aren't curly or straight enough. One word: kinky.

I am too aggressive.


Eloquence is not my natural fate

if only I was dawn

maybe people would see

the groundbreaking, extravagant beauty in me.

But alas,

just midnight.

My eyes are deep, muddy, thick. No blues or greens here.

I've absorbed all the hues, mixed them into one.

I am midnight,

I am silence. The loudest kind.

I bring out the brilliance of the Sun,

I smash into light.

Lost in me?

That's ok.

I'm probably too complex for you.

To you girls.

To you 'boring', 'non-exotic', not white, not light, dark-skinned girls. To the girls that the world is struggling to find beauty in - you are midnight and you are epic.

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