Diamond In The Rough.

Do you ever meet someone and then later find out something about them that makes you see them differently? Something that makes you view them more highly? Unfortunately, I can put my hand up and say: I do. I feel like we are the generation with the weirdest currency system. Certain things equate to an instant 'value-added', supposedly making our value as people go up.

Some examples of today's currency:

  • Popularity on social media- and I'm talking thousands (maybe even millions) of followers, subscribers and likes = value added
  • You graduated university with a good grade-  £27000 worth of value added!
  • You can paint that face well, and I mean really #slaaaay with your makeup or maybe you're just naturally a really attractive person #cheekbonesfordays = value added
  • You started your own business and it's thriving #youngentrepreneur = value added
  • You have a body that is #goals- well hot damn guy/girl! It seems you are a god amongst mere men = value added
  • You dress so well, the wardrobe options are endless = value added
  • You read a lot of books and know a lot of facts #wiseowl = value added
  • You haven't got with 'too many' people = value added
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And particularly for some of us black girls:

  • Your weave is laaaaid*, giving people life for days = value added
  • You have thick big hair and it is actually your own! Yas you go naturalista! = value added

All the things I mentioned can be great. But when our value rests in these things alone, I think we could find ourselves swimming in dangerous waters. This 'currency' can give people a false sense of self-value; whether thinking they are a god amongst men or that they're lesser than the rest. Placing too much value in the superficial gives us the ability to look down on people who don't possess these things, to devalue them. This is so flawed because we are all just people at the end of the day.

It recently dawned on me that I often draw my value from how I look. When I'm dressed well and my makeup is nice I feel like I'm worth a lot more. But I'm starting to see how much crap is in that mindset. My value is eternal, it comes from my uniqueness as a human being. With the billions of people currently populating the Earth, adding on all the people who have been before and all those still to come after, there is only one me. Only one you. This means you are scarce. In Economics, scarcity adds value. The less there is of something the more that thing becomes worth. It uniqueness adds value and so does yours. The way you laugh and cry, the way you play, the way you work, your contribution to the world or lack of if you choose; the combination of it all, it's all unique to you.

So let me set something straight. Whether you graduated with a 1st or didn't graduate at all, whether you're super fit or know you have a muffin top, whether you're beautiful or what some would call average, whether you have been with one person or one hundred people - you are valuable and worthy of the same love and respect as all of us. You are a diamond.

*your weave/wig is laid when it lays very flat and natural-looking on your head :)

Shirt- Topshop
Jeans- NewLook Tall