Mellow Yellow in Tall Mom Jeans

Hey guys,

How've you been? Hopefully more chilled out than me. I have been quite a stress-head lately. I snapchat-ed a few days ago about needing to prioritise; this annoying feeling has been following me for the past couple of days now. The feeling that things could really take off for me in many different areas if I'd just make time to get everything done.

A lot is going on right now and I like that. I hate when I feel like I have nothing to do, nothing to work on. But I've definitely realised that I've maybe taken too much on. I'm doing a joint honours undergrad at uni, have three jobs, currently looking for a placement year for next year, am trying to consistently go to the gym, have gotten involved in quite a few church activities, oh and of course doing this blog.

Am I complaining? No. Do I love it all? Heck yes. But did I take on too much? Possibly.

IMG_0428 2.JPG

Every so often I have a day where I feel so lost in it all I just mentally check out and give up for a little bit. Being productive is great but being busy in everything all the time is exhausting. And surely  I'm too young to be exhausted;  which means some of the things on my list may have to go...

One thing that gives me this weird peace is blogging. I love it, I love fashion and this week, Tall Beauties, my outfit is edgy casual.

IMG_0427 2.JPG

Simple but fun, this has to be one of my favourite looks so far. I am in love with this yellow suede biker-style jacket! Who says biker jackets have to be plain old black? I say the brighter the better, coloured jackets are a great way to incorporate outerwear into part of your outfit. Plus it's an easy way to jazz up quite a simple look.

untitled (106 of 186).jpg

Underneath the jacket is a plain black vest top with thin straps (I have a thing against chunky straps...don't ask haha) and high-waisted mom jeans. Now these are my babies, the hunt for them was really real boys and girls. I almost gave up but for the sake of my Tall Sisters I persevered and well hard work pays off! I had to get them from the tall section not for the length because I wanted to roll them up anyway but they just wouldn't fit around both my butt and waist at the same time otherwise! I mean really struggled even to get different pairs up over my thighs. Not sure why as that's never really happened to me before but who cares Topshop came through for me in the end.

untitled (98 of 186).jpg

Now if you decide to purchase a pair- which you totally should by the way!- be warned that they are made with proper old-school thick denim so they are kind of hard to bend in. But still so worth it, it's nice to see a return back to real denim rather than this thin fake stuff we're all wearing nowadays. You wouldn't get the chunky look without this real heavy denim.

untitled (140 of 186).jpg

And what are a pair of mom jeans without a chunky belt to really cinch you in at the waist eh? For girls with smaller hips like myself, I think mom jeans are good at giving the illusion of bigger hips because they're shaped to be quite big around the hips and bum.

So there you have it my loves! I hope the week coming ahead is a relatively peaceful one for you all. Sometimes we all just need to mellow out.