Hey Tall Beauties! Mac raincoats are back in fashion and I am loving them, particularly the coloured ones. I saw this one in Zara and fell in love with its gorgeous colour!

Photo by Melina Matthiessen - -0906.jpg

And because of the colour it really does become part of the outfit rather than just a coat because it's cold- which is good because let me tell you now mac's are not warm! As much as I like it the idea and look of them, find a plain hoodie that you can pair it with to keep warm, because it really is paper thin, although this one is very good quality if that makes sense.

Because Zara doesn't have a Tall Section (we're waiting on your Zara..) I had to get an ordinary Mac. Sleeve-wise it wasn't bad, it's the kind of thing you'd rather sport slightly too short, than too long so we're alright Tall Girls. I wore an off-green bodysuit, which I'd have felt a lot cuter in, had I not been so cold, and skinny high-waisted jeans to go with the coat. I've never planned an outfit starting with outwear so that was quite kinda hard actually.

Photo by Melina Matthiessen - -0799.jpg
Photo by Melina Matthiessen - -0794.jpg

Ironically while in this already very thin raincoat, the weather decided to go mad on Brighton seafront. Storm Doris was on her way and so the wind and waves were absolutely raging, oh yeah and as I said before it was FREEZING. It really was a miracle I managed to get any useable photos at all. This is not serenity on my face above. This is me closing my eyes until the wind calms down and stops trying to blow me away.

Photo by Melina Matthiessen - -0812.jpg
Photo by Melina Matthiessen - -0825.jpg

And so it was while I was having possibly the worst time ever, in between apologising to my photographer, trying to stop my makeup completely running off my face because the wind makes my eyes water loads and running away from seagulls, that I thought about perspective. Perspective is keeping your eyes on what's important through all the crap. It's about staying focused.

Photo by Melina Matthiessen - -0855.jpg

All I really wanted to do at that moment was go home and crawl into bed but apparently, I managed to keep my eyes on the why. Why was I out here? Because I love blogging and I love fashion, and I love you, Tall Girls even whilst in demon weather.

Photo by Melina Matthiessen - -0828.jpg

So overall would I recommend the Mac to you girls? Hmm unless you live in a warm country year round then I'm gonna have to say no. It's cute for those rainy summer days though...