You're only as cool as you feel.

Can I just say, I love being tall. Shopping can be a pain in the bum (I know, but some designers including myself one day, are helping to change that!) Once you do find the right pieces you can really kill it, Tall Girls!

As the weather's getting warmer I'm discovering my love for trousers (not jeans). They can be so flattering on long legs and the material is light and comfy; you don't have to do that jump just to get them up your legs. Aaand they don't get baggy after you wear them a couple times, which means less unnecessary washing just to bring back their shape. See, there are many advantages here.

And since seeing the light, I've had to get my hands on a pair. This pair is from Noisy May, a tall fashion brand on Asos that clearly knows how to get it right. I took a risk buying them as I don't own anything like them and they are a bit like pyjama bottoms but I went from umm not sure to damn I look cute...

Need another reason why trousers should be your friends, Tall Girls? Because you don't have to wear them full length. Most are kind of cropped  and so rolling up the bottom a little just makes it look like it was meant to be that way. So even though it'd be nice to get trousers easily in your fit, like from good old Noisy May here, you can be flexible and try pairs that aren't from Tall Sections.

And this is proof you can look beautiful and feminine in something comfy guys. Not everything has to be fully form fitting.

The top, as you may have noticed is the same one from the 'Perspective' post which I did not so long ago. I love buying new stuff but if they only work in one particular outfit then let's be real, I'm wasting my money. I have a wardrobe full of plain basic tops for a reason- I need versatile clothes that I can mix and match a thousand times.

This leather jacket is from Asos Tall. I so recommend investing in a good leather (or fake leather) jacket that'll actually last you. My previous one from Topshop was good to me for three solid years and I would wear it almost every day except for in the winter. Not only will it look better on you but it'll last longer and reduce waste. So see, even better for the good ole environment!

Let me know in the comments below what some of the new trends and styles you're exploring this spring. Stay creative and stay bold, Tall Girls.