How to be yourself in a bright yellow dress.

Read on to find out how to be beautifully yourself amidst this life-long game of dress-up. For all you no-fuss, keep it sweet and simple girls, this one is for you.


Yellow can be a daunting colour, especially if you're tall and already feel like you stand out too much. No one wants to have you looking like BigBird from Sesame Street don't worry! There are definitely ways to tone down what could others be a very loud outfit if thats not your vibe... 


Step One: Keep your makeup to a minimum.
I don’t know if you can tell (you probably can lol) but I kept my face pretty bare for this outfit. I’m talking eyebrows, eyeliner, a dash of highlighter and off I went. It wasn’t initially for some profound reason; my foundation was downstairs and I couldn’t be bothered to get it. But I'm actually really glad I kept it simple. Plus once I started really feeling myself and the outfit, I didn't even remember I wasn't wearing proper makeup. Getting dressed up is so much fun but it can be nice once in a while to stop and celebrate your true self (including those unlaid edges).


Step Two: Pair your dress with other things you love.
I wanted to keep it simple today. No jazz, no bells or whistles, just some good old block colours. Bulky denim jackets are a great layer to throw on top of an outfit to give it an overall casual vibe, and the bigger the better. Bigger means extra room to fit a jumper under there too so you can carry on wearing your denim jacket into ‘it's flipping freezing’ kind of weather.


Step Three: Don’t feel awkward.
It very likely that hands down you will be the brightest dressed person on the street, own it! That's easier to do in certain areas where everybody around you is dressed loud and proud I know. But still, if you love what you're wearing then even in a conservative area, wear it! You will only look as good as you feel so commit to your outfit by being confident.


Oversized denim jackets are very Brighton, particularly if they’re second-hand, but you don’t really have to be a hipster to pull off this look, tall girls. A lot of people are killing the oversized look these days so try it out for yourself, if you haven't already. Maybe you'll end up joining them! 


And don’t even worry if the jacket sleeves are too short, you can wear it slouched or I often roll the sleeves of mine up once anyway; I find they look better like that. 

By the way, fit-wise I found the shoulders of the dress a bit narrow for me and the sleeves a little short (it's not from the tall section to be fair) but other than that nicely comfortable. I didn't give me Primark spandex top vibes, its just nicely fitted. It does ride up a little when I walk and I'm 5ft10 so if you're much taller be aware of how high it could come up on you. I love that the yellow trend has followed us into winter! Dark skinned girls, we will remain winning with this one!


Outfit details:

  • Asos Mini Bodycon Dress in Rib with long sleeves - £15 (I wore a size 10)
  • Asos Tall Denim Girlfriend Jacket in washed black - £40 (I wore a size 10) 
  •  White Converse in size 7 
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