Insecurity is a thief (ft. some long purple slimeline joggers)

Insecurity is a thief, a bully. It does absolutely nothing good for you. All it does is stop you from living your best life. It makes you a faded, jittery version of who you really are. It drains the colour from the beautiful, painting that is you.

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Looking back I realise how damaging my own insecurities were to myself. All they've been doing is holding me back.

My insecurity about my body stops me from looking in the mirror and loving what I see. It blinds me to my own beauty. 

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My insecurity that I'm a messy failure and not achieving in life paralyses me. It tells me I'm not good enough and that I have to strive, to walk like I'm fighting a mighty wind when really I'm allowed and free to dance in the Sun.

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Insecurity is like a barricade, like a locked door. Weirdly, over the years I've clung to mine. I've held them close because I feel like they've been dutifully telling me the ugly truth about myself. But really its time to drop them like the rotten pieces they are so that I can live a real amazing life. 

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I'm ready to take off the sunglasses and see what is real which is that my body is just fine and life is going to be okay for me, my story has already been written.

And now, to dance in the Sun.

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The day we shot this it was ARCTIC outside! Those jacket-less shots show my love for you guys haha. But I do love this outfit, all together I think it really works. 

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The joggers are from ASOS tall section and are extremely soft. I love fashion and so it should love me back, keeping me comfortable as much as possible.

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The lace top is from H&M. I like how its sheer in just the right places to show but at the same time not show too much. I love the casual boss lady vibes that I was giving in this. That for me is the perfect balance, tall girls, an outfit you can chill in but also makes you feel amazing. Links to the clothes down below.

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Outfit details:

  • ASOS TALL Basic Joggers - £18. I wore a size 8
  • Black lace top - bought from H&M a few years ago. This top could work instead though.
  • Tall Leather Look Biker Jacket - £48. I wore a size 8.