How to get back into your passion, because I can't lie I lost mine (ft. an unexpected red wool skirt)

In this generation of short attention spans and mental laziness, actual passions and hobbies (not just time fillers like watching funny videos on youtube) are so important to me. If you've lost your passion temporarily like I did, read on to find out how to catch those feelings all over again for the thing you love.

Let's start with the what? My two main passions are beautiful clothes that fit and seeing people including myself be content with themselves (body and character). Put those two together with a little stir and a long bake and that’s how my blog was born. Can you concisely name what your passion is?

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And then comes the how? I drifted from it by using the old ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ lie. I had just done a few photoshoots in a row and was so tired (of life in general to be honest) and so then took a break. I told myself it was okay to stop and chill for a while. That while ended up being very long. If you say you’ll do it tomorrow when you could actually just do it today, you’ll never really do it, lets be real. Don’t be the murderer of your own dreams using procrastination.

Now what you gon' do about it? Well, here's three things to start you off:
-I don’t need to say ‘remember your why’ because a million other people have already said those exact words on this blessed internet. But they’ve said it because it’s true. Think back, why did you love your thing in the first place?

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-Don’t compare. We’ll leave the profound quotes to google and cut to the chase. Comparison is a bummer, it bums me out and makes me want to curl up in a ball and sleep for a long time. It makes me see everything I’m doing as inadequate and stupid. So how am I going to try and not compare? I’m going to force myself to take some instabreaks and stop watching numbers so closely. Quality over quantity everyday. How are you going to protect yourself from comparison?

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-Beat the horrible monster whose name is Cba (Can’t be asked). I really hate Cba. Cba has stopped me from being fluent in Spanish, I’ve been learning on and off for over two years now. Its stopped me from getting THAT body that I want and has held me back from a lot of potentially productive days. So join me in telling Cba to suck it and let's go get what we want.

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For the outfit pictured, I bought this skirt when bright red was really popping off in the fashion world and my inner sheep thought damn I want a stand out red piece too!

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This wool skirt is longer than anything else I own but I actually love it. I think it’s a very cool take on a winter skirt due to its thick texture and I am so grateful for the slit. I tend to otherwise feel like I’m stuck in a loo roll if I wear midi A-line skirts, hence why I previously didn’t own any.

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I wanted to offset all the pinky, red tones with some white but I think you could also kill this outfit with some dark coloured ankle boots.

If I had been sensible enough to wear a coat it would’ve been my black furry bomber, something bulky to offset my slim bottom half. 

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I will forever love this pink jumper from TopShop Tall Section; the way it just falls off the shoulders and is oversized makes it so feminine and sexy. I know there's this myth floating about that you can't feel petite and sexy being tall but honey everything is relative. Get something oversized and you can make it happen. Sexy and cute isn’t for small girls only!

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