To be honest: The Start of Something New (ft. the tall blue knitted dress)

Happy 2018 friends! Amongst all the newness being sprinkled over yourselves right now, you may be thinking: what does thelonglimbedlady have to offer me that's new? Why, a funky fresh new blog series of course...

'To be honest…'. is a brand new series to thelonglimbedlady which if I could describe in one word would be 'real'. Honesty and vulnerability, the type of realness that isn't necessarily on trend like a no-makeup challenge (I see all of you that wear subtle makeup in those selfies by the way...), are rare commodities these days and for a good reason. Using instagram or even real life to only stunt and bring out your inner bad B is WAY more fun - at least for a bit. But it doesn't really do much for your sense of identity, knowing who the heck you really are. I want to create a space where people can be inspired by sicccck outfits but can also read and connect with thoughts and experiences.

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A place where you can have several 'omg me too' moments and be your realest self. You know, like that chilling at home in mismatched clothes and no wig kind of yourself that is truly comfortable. There will be some awkwardly honest topics (at least for me) but I hope you'll bare with me as I metaphorically take off my makeup in front of all you guys. 

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If openness isn't your thing don't worry, I will still be bringing you great outfits with each post! It's definitely possible to be honest and a fittie at the same time Like now for example, let's talk about this dress! The cobalt blue colour is gorgeous! People always tell me I look good in those colours because I have dark skin and yep it's true boo but I can see an English rose type killing this look too! Fair skinned/white girls don't count yourself out from bright colours too quickly.


Despite the 'if I catch you' look on my face I was very happy in this dress. It drapes over me lightly and I love it, it is so comfortable and will accommodate you and your food baby or even your real baby.

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Tall girls I hope you can see how this dress was made for you! I'm sure I say this in every post but it's not my fault there's a lot we can really work well. It would hang so beautifully on your frame as it does on mine. I also love that it's not size-specific, curvy girls I think you'd rock this even more, your curves giving even more life to this dress. I think it's the perfect work dress with the right balance of smart and sexy to add some sauce to your office! I paired it with a fitted leather jacket to balance out the shapelessness of the dress.

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And don't forget your bright lipstick to bring a nice strong contrast to your outfit. For fairer skinned girls I think an orangey/red lipstick would be really cool with this outfit if you want a variation on the bright red.


I shot this look while I was Red Roaster, my favourite cafe in Brighton. The staff are really cool, the food and drinks are GOOD (you can get tea in a glass teacup!!) and they hit the nail on the head with the decor. You'd literally think the place was made for instagram; their monochrome bathroom upstairs is like bloggers Paradise. 

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 So for my first bit of honesty: being vulnerable scares me sooo much. Well, it used to, I'm slowly changing. But before, I'd gotten so good at putting up layers between core Toni and external Toni I couldn't even tell what was what anymore. It was my way of shutting people out. I find it's even easier to hide when you're a seemingly happy person who's quick to laugh and finds it easy to make friends, which I am. But yeah, what slowly made me change was the genuine goodness I saw that came out of the moments when I did really open up. Banter is great but those are the moments that create real friendships and strengthen existing ones. Because it feels good to know that someone gets you, I guess.

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Another truth: I'm really feeling Childish Gambino, with his beard on of course. I've been listening to Redbone by him whilst writing this. Anyway let me know your thoughts on this outfit, Childish Gambino and your opinion on the whole vulnerability thing. Should we all be more open with each other or get a diary and keep it moving?


Outfit details:

  • Blue knitted dress from ASOS and its on sale whaaaat- now £19. I wore a size 8.
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