Wants and Want-nots

I'm writing from my room in Brighton, snuggled up on my bed above the duvet but under the blanket- to get that perfect heat balance ahh... and I tell you I could let 'the sleep' whisk me away right now. It's been a long day - for me at least working from roughly 7 till 7. Now, this is not a 'woe is me' moment, I'm sure this is some people's normal work schedule - a sharp salute to you guys. But I haven't worked so long a day in a while so now that I'm finally laying down I feel the sleep creeping in.

I've started working more - I thought it'd be nice to have something financial to show for my almost 22 years of living - and I've actually weirdly enjoyed it. Which has made me think, most can's and cannots in my life are probably more wants and want-nots. I used to think I couldn't work long hours but I've realised that that can't is more of a want-not. I don't want to and so I make myself feel like I can't.

I think I may have cracked the secret to my often undisciplined nature. Most things I think I can't do, I just probably don't want to do because I think they'll be long or boring or take away my morning lie-in that I love and cherish so much. Not to say my expectations are always wrong; I told you I'm curled up here on my bed enjoying some pre-sleep so yeah, I'm definitely tired. But I still did it. I can do it. 


This is not a a post to hype you (or me) up and get us to run full force into EVERYTHING. If something is a want-not then screw it, I'll get right back into bed thanks. But if I have to go through some long stuff to get to the wants, the passions and what I think is my purpose then I better roll over, it is time to get up!

I know I want to inspire my fellow tall girls, I want to save up money, I want to have a tall fashion line, I want to learn Spanish and best believe I want to look good doing it ALL. Yep, that's definitely a handful of lie-ins gone out the window.

On the topic of looking good, I try not to be a total sheep when it comes to trends. If I'm going to follow it and spend my hard-earned cash-money it needs to be because I like it not just because its 'hot right now'. But as this is my second trumpet sleeve post I think it's fair to say I have fully jumped on that band wagon. I just love the style. Goodbye orangutan arms, trumpet sleeves were made for the long and the elegant. And these sleeves could be attached to a top that is hippy-ish or smart-ish or casual-ish but either way always stylish and pretty.

The skirt is faux leather and from NewLook whilst the top is from Asos Tall. I don't know if it is an intentional crop top but for those of you with a longer top half, be warned it does come up a bit short. Because of the skirt I was wearing it with and because pretty much all my jeans are high-waisted, the length doesn't particularly bother me. Even though the skirt is not from NewLook's tall section but I think it's the perfect kind of short where it's still very cute. It doesn't feel uncomfortably short even on my 5"10 body.

I also definitely bought into the fishnet socks trend and nope, still not ashamed. Fishnet tights always felt too racy for me, too try hard. But a substantially smaller amount of fishnet- in sock form- that I like. I feel like they add a bit of sauce to a 'yeah it's nice' outfit.

What's your view on current trends at the moment? Are you a fan or nah? Let me know in the comments below.