Unexpected Packages

Have you ever sat around kind of bored and worked yourself up into a funky mood? And I don't mean funky like 'ooh this is so cool and funky!' (mostly because I don't know anyone who talks like that). I mean funky like when you sniff the air twice in confusion and then look over and realise someone's taken their shoes off... Yeah. That kind that smells like something isn't quite right here, something stinks. 

Well I hope you're not good at getting yourself into such mood. Sometimes  I am though. It just moves in like a dark cloud and I'm looking up like where did you come from?


To be honest I still don't know where such moods drift in from (anti-climatic I know sorry) but it's during those kinds of moods that I play the old comparison game. I often turn to social media, which FYI is generally not a great pick-me-up, and come across all these glamorous people and their shiny lives and perfect groups of friends.

I had a dream recently that I met lots of girls from my secondary school and they were all in different cliques looking good and getting ready to go out. I looked nice too but I wasn't a part of any of those groups. 

When I woke up it made me think about how many school friends I hadn't really managed to keep. At school I wasn't really in a specific clique I was a floater, friends with everybody really. I look back now and I can count the number of friends I've kept on one hand. I probably don't even need my whole hand.

When you see other people's photos in their squads, tribes, groups of friends all looking extremely happy, sometimes it can leave you feeling left out. Like where is my good looking squad??


But instead of searching for more or supposedly 'better' friends, I've opened my eyes to the great friends I do have. They may not be one entire strong squad who together have this complete look; they're not all girls, they're not even all my own age. Oh and one of them is my sister. So yes, unlikely squad. But in their different ways they're all fun to be around and they all love me. We don't all spend all our time together because one they don't all know each other and two because we all have our own lives to get on with so who has time to live in each other's pockets?

Maybe you can relate? Take a good look around you I bet you have great friends too, hanging around in different areas of your life. They may not form one big beautiful 'instagrammable' squad but they're yours. There's no written rule that your friends have to form one group, I'm learning to be secure in knowing I'm loved all over the place, doesn't really matter how its packaged for others to see.

I definitely brought out some inner festival vibes I didn't know I had with this outfit. Trumpet sleeves are quite in at the moment and I'm glad I gave them a try, I love it. Finally something my long arms can truly work.

Top- Glamorous Tall
Jeans- Topshop
Sandals- New Look
Choker- Lovisa

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P.S while you're here, unrelated but important, if you've heard about the Grenfell Tower fire and you want to help here's one of the funds you can donate to. Social media acknowledgement can be good but if you can do something even more proactive to help then please do :)