Real Casual

This week we're keeping it real casual, to inspire the natural, 'I-woke-up-like-this' beauty in us Tall Girls! Scroll on to see and read more about the outfit below.

We're in the heart of July now and the good weather has had bursts of faithfulness. 26 degrees for five or six days straight and then it pours. Some hate the inconsistency but I quite like weather like that. I love warm weather for sure but then when it rains, after days of heat, it's like a much needed cleansing takes place.

The days leading up to this one were mostly rainy, a long come down from another mini heatwave, so I didn't have high hopes for the weather; but it actually turned out to be the most pretty day. Which is great because I'd say I felt pretty that day too!

My favourite type of beauty is the effortless kind. People always associate being tall with being a model so they picture some slim-jim strutting her stuff all over town. But even models have their days off. I believe everyone should have space for casual and comfy clothes that take no real effort at all.

The sun gave me a chance to wear my Levi's high-waisted denim shorts (which I got from a vintage fair in Glasgow for £14 by the way!) and this minty green lightweight shirt I bought from Zara. They say the colour is khaki but my eyes beg to differ.

I will say this till I die Tall Girls: good fitting shorts (we don't do bum bum shorts here) were made for you! They don't even have to be high-waisted, although that style will accentuate whatever leggyness you happen to be working with - whether that's particularly long or proportionately-sized legs. 

I love this shirt from Zara! It's good quality, can be worn for most of the year I feel and is a really nice unexpected colour. Now I won't lie the sleeves don't come up full length on me as I have really long arms and Zara have yet to create a Tall Section. But try it out for yourself it may fit and if not I think the sleeves looks great rolled up anyway.

I wore the shirt with nothing underneath, which was good because it got really hot as the day went on but I think it'd also be cute fully open with a plain white vest top underneath.

See guys I'm just wearing shorts, a shirt and converse. Nothing special at all. But how you wear something makes all the difference. People say that "confidence is your best accessory" which makes me want to vom' because it's so cliche, but it's true! I 'felt pretty' that day but really true beauty is something you've got to feel in your bones every day not just see on your face from time to time. And that doesn't mean drowning people in your selfies to remind them that you think you're great. 'Bad and boujee' has it's place in life, don't get me wrong, but there is also a quiet confidence that isn't loud and proud but is truly stunning.


P.S A few accessories never killed nobody. A dream-catcher necklace and a pair of sunglasses (both from H&M) and I'm feeling cool as a cucumber.


Outfit details:

  • Khaki Shirt by Zara- £29.99. I wore a size S.
  • High waisted shorts by Levi's (secondhand). You could buy a pair directly from the Levi's site or why not roll through ASOS Marketplace and get your Levi's fix. Used clothes are economical and ecological.
  • Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Colours by Converse- £55 (but patience is a virtue, I got mine for £27 from Urban Outfitters in their winter sale).
  • Round sunglasses by H&M- £6.99.
  • Dream-catcher necklace by H&M (no longer sold).