Tall Summer Edit: The LWD (Little White Dress)

The summer heatwave has been and just about gone here in London it seems, making these cooler days the perfect time to whip out your little white dress. Tall Girls get ready to feel cute as a button in this...


This dress is from Oasis and not usually what I have in mind when I think summer dress but it's oh so pretty and comfortable. I know what some of you must be thinking: 'summer??'. I think everyone needs to take a deep breathe and stop crying about the death of summer, we still have those gorgeous warm September evenings to look forward to.


This more traditional dress is a nice quick breathe of fresh air in our 'the more outrageous the better' society. I love this dress' old school touches like the bow on the shoulder, the school-girl style and the length. It's nice to wear clothes sometimes that transport you to a different time, who says we have to stay in the present. Although this isn't vintage, I'm becoming more interested in pieces influenced by times when high-street fashion wasn't all about having an hourglass figure to look sexy or beautiful. Acknowledging the different shapes and forms of beauty through fashion is important for me in knowing I don't have to fit in the small box of what the western world says is 'beautiful' right now.


I wasn't sure how this kind of dress would look on me but I took a chance and once I saw how cute I looked in it, I couldn't not! I have never looked so innocent in my life! I'm loving the prairie-girl vibes I'm giving off in simplistic all white. Perfect for those random sunny/humid days we'll get here and there while the weathers cooling down. 

The dress has bow tie sleeves on either side and has buttons going down it meaning you can get in and out of the dress nice and easy.


I don't really shop at Oasis but I may have to start, the fit is great. This size 10 fits my body like a glove. Good job Oasis! It's so important to be stubborn and wait to buy clothes that actually fit you well, Tall Girls. It's not easy in a world of fast fashion but once you find those key pieces they'll be well worth it.


I decided to drop in a bit of colour with this Topshop baby blue hella dreamy backpack. I love the perfectly smooth finish, I could stroke this bad boy all day!  Great thing about LWD's: wear whatever colour you like with it, so the world is your oyster in terms of accessories.


I saw these Topshop lace up sandals online and I fell for them straight away. The lace up/gladiator style is really nice for summery outfits; I particularly love the beaded design on these pair. And unlike other sandals they're not too flat, as they have a little heel, so they're comfortable to walk in. 


Social media today, depending on your social circle will tell you what beautiful is and show you how to achieve just that. I say use your own style to find your own beautiful through fashion. That could mean holding on tight to a current trend or it could mean wearing something none of your friends would put in their wardrobes, it's all down to you. Either way be creative, explore and stay true to your awesome self.


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