How to give into a trend- the blue striped shirt.

I remember when blue striped dresses and shirts came out in summer and I vowed to never get involved but yep here we go...

I was turned off straight away by this new popular pattern. It was basically the shirt from my secondary school uniform (big up Woodford County) and of course I wasn't about to pay for something I was forced to wear for five years *rolls eyes*. But as usual the high-street got my weak butt and so yes I paid for my school shirt. I'm not even sure if I'm sorry about it.


To be fair it was the sleeves that got me more than anything. I love how big and balloon-like they are. They really make a statement, just for fun which I am very much enjoying. As a child, you would not have paid me to wear such a shirt. It's kind of cool/scary to know that fashion has the power to influence me and sometimes completely change my mind.

When I first tried it on I was really drawn to the shape it made on me. Rather than going for the typical feminine look, it expands my top half which if paired with something fitted means your body can look like it shrinks into a little point. Sometimes go beyond basic  and be a different shape.


This shirt passes my all important comfort test, the balloon-y sleeves give you plenty of wiggle room; particularly good for if you have thicker/chunkier arms. Although I went to a fashion talk that said sometimes fashion should be uncomfortable so that we keep reacting to it, which made weird sense to me.

I'm not entirely sure how this would look on a short person but Tall Girls I promise this one is definitely for you. If people are going to notice your long-ness you may as well add a little bit of drama to your outfit so they can enjoy the double take they're going to give you.


My jeans are from New Look and I'll be real I am fast growing to hate them. I don't know if I'm getting bigger or that I've stopped squeezing myself into crazy tight clothes as much, but either way I've realised how uncomfortable they are. I have to wear them a good 4 times after washing them for them to be semi-comfortable to wear. I loved them at first because I was desperate for good-fitting skinnies but now they just feel like jeggings and I HATE jeggings. Unfortunately they're the only pair of blue skinny jeans I have, so until new jeans money comes around I'm stuck with these weird denim leggings.


Despite the way they feel they do look good with the shirt I must say. The contrast of fit, baggy and tight, balance each other out nicely. And my boots which are nice and breathable thanks to the cut outs, are also from New Look. The heels are made of rubber making them super easy and bouncy to walk in.


My sunglasses are from Finlay & Co., this stylish little company based in London. A good pair of glasses can really add to a look, I see why everyone's been obsessed with glasses lately.


I know it's September Tall Girls, but don't throw your coat and scarf on just yet. We've still got a few nice days ahead.  Lets enjoy autumn fashion before winter really comes for us.

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