Knitwear for the win.

I feel like Autumn/Winter is a very awkward time for Tall Girls, everyone else is buying nice cosy jumpers left right and centre and you've found maybe one at best that fits you. You don't love it that much but the sleeves are long enough so meh. Well, mm mmm, no more of that. I plan to look my best yet this winter, feel free to join me.


Off-the-shoulder was a huge trend this summer, I absolutely loved it! It was classy yet sexy and bardot crop tops are so cute. I was freeing the nipple all summer long- the perks of small boobs ;). So as we moved into autumn I thought I was about to wave goodbye to the style but then I saw this jumper and caught all the feels.


Off-the-shoulder knitwear is big everywhere right now; the slouchy style of things hanging off the body seems to be really popular right now. But it's Topshop's tall section that has your back with really long sleeves and torsos.


Knitwear doesn't have to be boring and frumpy, retailers have been really putting in work this year to jazz things up with interesting necklines and cutouts.


It's soft, really comfortable and oversized and so feels like getting a hug all over. Because I've always been so slim I used to stick to quite tight clothes; I was always afraid if I wore baggy clothes I'd disappear underneath them and look even thinner. However, for my body at least, I think I was getting it all wrong. Things were often tight and uncomfortable and it didn't make me like how I looked any more, if anything it highlighted parts I didn't like so much.


In London culture I think it can be hard to be a slim girl. It might be just me but particularly being black, I always felt pressure to look curvy and thick so I'd always want to be in skintight stuff to try and give that illusion. But that ship has since sailed. I've found oversized things look very cute on slim girls. If your struggles are the same as mine above, give an oversized jumper a go and wear it your way, I bet you'll look mad cute! With that being said this is the fourth pink jumper I've bought within a year so I'm on a ban until further notice...


With the jumper I wore this burgundy knitted mini skirt. I find the oversized look is even cuter on me when I pair it with something fitted. I like the contrast when one part of the body has definition and the other does not.


I considered tights but I thought over-the-knee socks were just the way to go. When your body is made up almost entirely of your legs, you better give them the attention they deserve! Some say they're too slutty school girl but I think it depends on what you wear them with.


I am so here for autumn/winter fashion and you should be too Tall Girl. Be confident (even if you have to fake it, I do loads) and try out new things. Make that 'awkward tall girl' a thing of the past.