It’s okay ft some great lighting

It’s okay if you’re lonely. 


Girl bye. Nobody out here is lonely. 

Okay. But it’s okay if you are. 


The thought of being unwanted terrifies me. It can be hidden under that ‘thanks’ the response to ‘you look cute today’. Or masked under the ‘how are you?' ‘I’m good thanks’. 


But you’re not good. Not even close boo. Lonely or scared you’ll end up like that.

When I feel most insecure about that I don’t want to be around anyone.

Which makes a grand total of zero sense.


Well next time we feel like that let’s push back on it. Let’s allow the people around us to love us through the fear. At least long enough for us to snap out of it and remember that we’re wanted.

Maybe your friends kinda suck. It happens.  Maybe it’s the friends you haven’t met yet that want you.

Either way give people a chance. Give them a chance to love you. Ya dig?