Hello. Meet Me. ft some thigh high boots baby

End of year reflection? Obviously. This year in 2018, I finally met myself.

Or at least a bit of me. And it was unexpected, finding the different loaves that make up this bread basket.

photo 3.jpg

From what I know so far, there’s two main parts to me. Toni 1 flies her full flag of fabulosity, celebrating herself, others and life. That girl is fearless. She laughs a lot. Some even say she’s a cheap laugh. But those people can swerve, her sense of humour stays classy always aha.

And then there’s Toni 2 that often wants to crawl under a table and stay away from EVERYONE. She gets tripped up by a sneaky insecurity and falls flat on her face, on concrete. And yep you should flinch because it bloody hurts.


Toni 1 is being uncovered by God like this glorious painting and Toni 2 holds the liquid weight of social media’s expectations and every negative encounter, real or perceived, like a dirty old sponge. I’m both impressed and concerned that I know how to be both.

While you’re looking back at your 2018, consider not just what you have or haven’t done, but you. Who are you? I think that’s a really important question to be able to answer. I think who you are is more important than any goals you achieve, holidays you go on or degrees you hold. Because if you don’t know you and aren’t at peace with you than what is the point of any of it?

photo 2.jpg

Identity fraud is on the up friends. No seriously it is, look here. It’s funny that the arbitrary numbers assigned to us seem to be the part of ourselves that we know best. We can tell when someone’s used our NI number or when our money goes missing, but not our self-esteem or peace. When that group of friends or social media starts to change us.

I have a lot of hopes for 2019 and I won’t bore you with them all. But one is to keep getting to know myself. I want to live this life on purpose, not just accidentally flapping around.


I also want to look even fabber next year. So start as you mean to go on right? I found the magic of oversized clothing this year and I won’t let go yet. This is an Ezra Collective T-shirt from my favourite jazz band. That’s right honies, your girl is cultured.

My little denim mini is from H&M. I love the frayed bottom; with the boots it makes me feel all badass. And yes last but not least these booties. It’s not always easy to find thigh high boots that really do what they say on the tin when you’re pins stretch on forever. But even on the longest of legs, these boots really do make it up there. They can sag though if your legs don’t fill them out fully, beware. On ASOS they have a couple, like if you wanted them in Tall with a heel (click here), Tall no heel (click here) and I saw this snazzy khaki colour (click here). You’re most welcome.


Effortlessly sexy gals, that’s what this look would say if it could speak. We deserve to feel great about ourselves. It’s not exclusive too but should include occasionally looking at yourself in the mirror and saying Zaaaaamn Zaddy.

Have a great new year friends. Love from Me to You x


This post is about: what I learnt this year, hopes for next year.