I live for the applause ft a Blue Pinafore MINI Dress

So incase you couldn't tell from my Instagram stories, this time last week I was in Mykonos, Greece and it was pure bliss (minus the food poisoning).

I went for my sister's wedding and a mini holiday woo, so I took the opportunity to wear this little number:

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It's plain but oh so pretty! I know these days our clothing does tha most but I can definitely still shine in something simple and so can you btw! It's a pinafore dress I found on (you guessed it) ASOS, tall girls. It's not from the tall section but still a good length I think - the right kind of short. 

For those of who you who are a bit more modest in your dressing this may be more up your street, it's quite covered at the top but is still giving us a nice amount of leg so you can catch those summer rays. 

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I think it goes so nicely against the white buildings in Mykonos, but would also look great in a city setting with heels, a high bun and if your tatas can fill the dress, forget a bra and be free. It's the kind of material that can hold you in well anyway.

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Or on a sunny bank holiday in the park, you could wear it with vans or converse and an oversized cardigan if the weather is looking a bit suspect.

Mykonos was great holiday. The lighting was right all the time, the white buildings were beautiful  and there were colourful flowers on vines sprinkled all over the place. Mykonos truly is beautiful, and so of course many a selfie were taken.

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Do you ever get that feeling where you’ve taken a fabidocious selfie and you think hmm! Wait till I upload this bad boy, the gram is about to be slayed! That was me all over Mykonos to be honest. This is so sad to admit but I’d get this weird excitement right before uploading a picture onto Instagram, anticipating the likes and comments it'd get, whilst on the outside pretending I don’t care at all. 

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Posting for people to validate me. I know, not cute. Like Lady Gaga (better pronounced Gag-gah) sang: I live for the applause. Lately I have been and I don't want to anymore. When the validation doesn't come in the amount I want, I start doubting my own greatness, goodness, whatever-ness. Don't get me wrong, this isn't an everyday problem, although for some of you reading maybe it is - absolutely no judgements. Most of the time I'm quite aware of who I am and don't need external validation. But every now and then that doubt and neediness creeps up on me. Or maybe it's a chubby little ego that wants even more feeding, even more praise.

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 I put out a poll on my story the other day asking if Instagram took off likes and comments would people still post and 93% voted yes. I'm impressed but big up to the (potentially needy, but honest) 7% that said no.

What do you think? Are these 93% bluffing or do most of us really just post to post, no ulterior motives?

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Outfit details:

  • Daisy Street Pinafore Dress in check - £23.99 I wore a size 10.
  • Earrings - £6.99 (I think)
  • Heels - £23.99 (I think) I wore a size 8.

These photos were taken by Liv (@oliviafoley), my photographer/magician.

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