Validation anyone? Ft. Oversized Jumper and Mom Jeans


He didn’t pick me... first, second or last.

Does anyone else here love feeling wanted? Both hands raised, I do. Even more so if the person in question is male. 


When I was younger guys weren't digging me and I was not that pretty girl in school. This was by no means a tragic event but for some reason my brain did its own quick maths - and one plus the other = unwanted.


Now that I'm older and somewhat cuter I'll admit, the feeling of being wanted is borderline addictive. Having lots of close friends that want to hang out with me makes me feel good. Male attention, as long as its not excessively creepy makes me feel good too. And, at least in the cheap female insta-fashion world right now, sex is selling big time, so clearly some other people want to be wanted too. Our ultrasexy, super-fitted clothes, the right kind of selfie with generous helpings of ass, the makeup that leaves us all looking like we're dripping in gold-dust. 


I think silently a lot of us scream 'want me' all the time. I know guys want to be wanted too. We won't see/hear the end about your fresh trim until its not fresh anymore. Then on goes the hat and you go quiet... LOL

But seriously, what if he/she doesn't?  What if you've followed every step of the recipe titled 'How to slay' and they still. don't. want. you.


I don't know about you guys but thats when all the fake crap I built my confidence on comes crashing down.

You too?

So how do we rebuild? Guess we have to cement our confidence in something realer than a peachy bum and highlight or a muscle tee and a well moisturised beard.

INSTA 1.jpg

Where does your confidence lie? What does that look like for you? Let me know in the comments below (anonymously if you like).



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