How to dress for ‘Its kinda warm, kinda cold, I'm confused’ weather... part 2

Transition dressing it’s actually called apparently. Well here’s some daytime outfit inspo for those odd sunny days.


I’m loving the embrace of bright bold colours this autumn/winter. It definitely inspired my purchase of this red denim mini from ASOS Tall.

It doesn’t quite match my waist to hip ratio and I’m not even particularly curvy, so I wore a chunky black belt with it to hold it in place and stop it doing that annoying moving around thing that badly fitting denim minis love to do.


For the top, I kept it pretty unfussy with a white graphic t-shirt (which was free btw, woo!) which I tied at the back to allow the belt to show.


I went bare legged for this but if its a bit colder do not be afraid to chuck a pair of nude tights on underneath your chosen mini. I feel a way about black tights with denim minis so if you’re like me, nude tights are definitely the way forward. Thankfully we now live in a wonderful world where nude tights for most shades exist. Thank you for including me Nubian Skin.


Transition periods can be awkward ones and a shock to the system sometimes. I hope you’re enjoying wherever you’ve transitioned too Tall Girls. And if you’re not, thats okay. Talk to someone.