My Top Tall Looks from Chanel Paris Fashion Week FW19/20

It’s been a week since the end of Paris Fashion Week 2019 and I’ve now had a chance to catch the breath that so many gorgeous looks stole from me.

In my eyes, the belle of the ball every year has got to be Chanel. Their runway shows really are next-level experiences. And with this being the first show without the legendary innovator Karl Lagerfeld (he passed away on Feb 19th this year) not only did Chanel transport us to another world but you could feel and see the emotion in the show.

Nonetheless here are some of my favourite looks:

Screenshot 2019-03-11 at 23.58.32.png

This right here is the clear winner for me. I absolutely love the sheer jumper over the shirt, particularly with the cuff detailing at the wrist and the ruffled neckline. I’m also digging the woollen midi skirt with a slit and the small emblem belt to give it all shape. The pop of skin on show of the forearms and legs really adds to the outfit.

Everybody say it with me: ‘Wiiiiide leg trousers’. That’s right friends. Long and loose, its a trend that isn’t going away any time soon. A key part of the oversized suit, it seems comfort and elegance are here to stay. I would love nothing more than to engulf my long legs in a pair of any of these! They might seem a bit daring for some but 1) nothing is impossible with great styling and 2) fashion is art, it’s meant to be played with. So if you’re looking for a pair of trousers next season and similar to (or these) happen to catch your eye: say yes, buy and play! I mean just look at Cara Delevingne feeling her whole self in them there on the left!

How are we just coming out of winter and these people have me planning my coat for the end of next year? I really like the creative combination of PVC and denim to make a two-tone trench! And I am PARTICULARLY loving the dog-tooth/tweed patterned coat on the left. I have to give it to Chanel, these people know how to work and rework tweed again and again. Long coats are for you tall girls. Trust me, get involved!

And on the topic of outerwear: is that a puffer jacket I spy Chanel?

Screenshot 2019-03-12 at 00.01.40.png

These are just some of the great looks that caught my eye but the whole show is worth a watch if you ask me. Check it out here .