Hi, I'm Toni and I'm twenty-two. I started this blog back in 2014 because I loved fashion but was always hit with the constant struggle of trying to find clothes that fit my 5"10 body. Jeans that actually hit my ankle bone, sleeves that didn't leave my wrists naked and playsuits that actually made it down my thighs. I'm sure I'm not the only one with these tall girl woes so I thought I'd share my hunt for good fashion that fits with the rest of you long limbed ladies. 


The second reason I started this is that I'm big on body confidence. Growing up I was insecure about pretty much all of me and it was crappy and exhausting. It led me to people I didn't need and things I didn't need to do. These days social media doesn't seem to help much either so I felt this world needed a blog that actively inspires and uplifts. One that regularly reminds you that your beauty includes your looks but also goes way farther than that; and that that beauty is present in every single one of us.

I'm still on the journey of realising that myself but I hope you'll come on it with me. So let's start with a good old home truth: girl/boy, you are beautiful.