Isn’t Tony a boy’s name?
— Most people I meet



I'm Toni (It is a girl's name. Toni Braxton people.) Oluwatoni to be specific and I'm twenty-three. 

I love fashion and beautiful views. I'm Tall.

I'm a student. I believe in God.


I blog about fashion because I LOVE it and want to share that with other Tall Girls that feel fashion has forgotten them. So Tall Girls, no more standing the at the back, like in every school picture you've probably ever taken. Go pick your favourite spot in the front row, the fashion on here is all about and for you.

I blog about self-esteem because identity is really important to me. Finding who I am and then being content in that person is goals for me. The closer I get to that, the freer I'll be. For anyone that wants to join the journey, come on through. Here's to being more real on this kind of make-believe platform.