'Tis the Season to be oversized

img_4067 It seems we've been blessed with an early Christmas gift from the fashion world Tall Girls; oversized jumpers and I couldn't be happier! It means this season we can leave too-short sleeve lengths in the dust! This jumper is a size XS and is easily long enough for my very long arms. And it's actually warm too. I think that finally, high street shops are getting the idea that females get cold in winter too so all these flimsy thin jumpers are just not cutting it. Why wear five layers when two will get the job done. I think fashion is moving to a more comfy cute season- praise the Lord- now mom jeans and baggy jumpers are among us.


This look is casual, definitely carrying an everyday vibe but with a pop of colour! Because wrapping up in winter doesn't have to mean boring. Especially for the dark-skinned sisters, I think bright colours and chocolate skin were just made for each other.



I wouldn't wear this jumper without an extra layer on top (although if you feel brave enough be my guest) so a more fitted jacket can offset the oversizedness well. I picked my good old leather jacket. And a suede bag to go on top of that because I hate wearing leather on leather, especially when they're the same like both black and quilted *sobs*.




And for footwear: I am reaaally not a fan of getting my feet out in winter, it's a time for boots and trainers, screw pumps! I was never a trainer girl before but then a pair called Thea and they changed my life. Literally the most comfy shoes I've ever worn, I can say I wear them almost every day. And for those of you who are thinking it but are too polite to say...okay yeah fine... I agree my ankles are slightly on the dryer side of the spectrum. But this is the cold hard truth of winter my dears, so I shall not hide it from you. Sometimes the weather disrespects your morning moisturization routine okay. All one can do is carry hand cream and carry on.



img_4069The only downside to this season, I find, is that being slim oversized clothes can sometimes looking like they're drowning me rather than making me looking all 'I didn't even put effort into this I'm just really cute'. For the girls with enough curves to hold up the extra material power to ya but us slimmer girls I think it's just about mixing and matching. I generally pair something oversized with something fitted so that one-half of my body is outlined to make up for the bit that's lost in the layers. It's a good way to balance you out.



I love buying winter clothes and looking cosy and cute and all, but let's be real its cold out there. So here's to more lazy Saturdays indoors...


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