Baby it's cold outside


It's funny, I never believed in layering as a fashion method before I moved to Scotland. I used to see different fashion stores particularly New Look (I know guys it's not everyday New Look, some day I'll upgrade) do it every winter and I'd just think you're wearing pretty much every cardigan and jumper in your wardrobe just because you don't have a decent coat. I mean seriously. 08ebbe69ffd73cc9ee8a9da0a482c46d

However upon moving to Irn Bru Land* I realised that there are days when you dont necessarily want to wear a big coat. If like me you walk everywhere and so get hot quickly, having to carry  around a winter coat can just feel burdensome. So I was delighted to see some more sane examples of layering that did not require one to wear ones whole wardrobe besides their coat (nobody digs that hunchback look). Hats off to this girl who I think did it beautifully!



For a while before it got Arctic, I was wearing a cardigan or jumper with my leather jacket. Oh how I yearn for those days when the weather didn't threaten to freeze everyone's goodies off.

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The fringe top I love and would recommend even for those of you who didn't emerge from the womb with a six-pack, I think if you like it get it anyway. Everybody has to suck in from time to time, myself very much included. Apparently sucking in your stomach is a good toning technique anyway so ha!

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The main reason I liked this outfit was for the longline cardi. I think they are a great invention particularly on longer beauties. For me there's something kind of elegant about wearing a longer cardigan, maybe it's because of the flowiness. I've seen it look great on people of all sizes but when you have that height you can completely avoid the risk of looking like your long cardi is trying to drown you. Same goes for maxi dresses guys, see these are the perks!

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Now my final thought is does the cardigan and jacket work together? In all honesty sometimes I think yes and sometimes no but either way I'm glad I tried it because fashion is about taking risks at times and experimenting with the new. Whether someone else will love or hate my style it is MY style and so I will proceed to dress with confidence and so should you!

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*sorry Scots but I really hate the stuff, that chemical orange/ extremely dehydrated pee colour just scares me

Leather jacket- Topshop Tall Section

Cardigan- New Look Tall Section

Top- H&M

Jeans- New Look Tall Section

Boots- New Look