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IMG_2819 croppedHey Tall Hotties, Apologies for the absence, towards the end of April and onwards everything gets a bit busy and the days fly on by with no alone time for me and my laptop. However I have since realised that life will always be busy so it's important to make sure that you purposefully carve out time for the things that matter and so here I am!

Hopefully you all had a brilliant Easter Holiday, mine was the best so far. I went away to a Butlins Resort with my family. Imagine 29 people between the ages of 17 and 30 something and pretty much everyone knows only one volume: loud! I literally could not have imagined a more enjoyable time if I'd tried, a huge amount of fun and laughs. Our tight knit group got even tighter knitted- twas awesome! But anyway the reason we were there in the first place was because part of Butlins was hosting a Christian conference called Spring Harvest which meant lots of different seminars about a range of topics. I went to three and I kid you not when I say they were interesting and funny (and trust me I 'm not one to sugarcoat).

One thing that I noticed throughout the five days that we were there (during which it did not rain once!) was how creative the people I'm surrounded by are. In my family there are budding photographers, relationship advisors, canvas designers, media empire owners, singers, dancers, actors, chefs and many more. Even the people that organised the whole Spring Harvest shin dig, to think up the whole thing and make it run smoothly the way it did takes a lot of creativity.

And this brings me to the point that I believe that everyone (and I mean literally everyone) has something they're good at. Find out what yours is and I think that if you can use that something to positively impact people in any way, then job well done, you're serving a greater purpose.

On day three of the five glorious days of sunshine I was able to wear this cute little number:

IMG_2881   IMG_2965


You can't go wrong with a summer dress, a good old classic. They're light, they're comfy and you can show off the lovely long legs you were blessed with. Especially for when you're feeling lazy to put an actual outfit together, one item and boom your done! To the creator of the summer dress- we salute you.


So Things I learnt during my Easter Holiday:

When you hit a water slide with your head, it will hit back (hard).

Buffets bring out a scary appetite in people.

There are no limits to the amount of selfies people are willing to take.

Seagulls are proper cheeky.

And finally we were created to create, so create something groovy and use it to better something or someone (or if you're particularly savvy; many someones).

Badder than bad photography by the lovely Fiona Creatives

Instagram: @fionacreatives

And check out her blog:

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