The 'Carioca' Chronicles Part II: The Beach Life


5d4e4fc0a686a82794661ba8fdf7bd1e So I  have only 4 days left of my incredible Rio adventure *sobs*. It feels so weird that I've spent a whole five weeks out here already, time has flown by and at the same time it feels like I've been out here forever.

Not long left until I'm plunged back into London reality. At the end of last week I had a slight panic of 'I haven't seen enough of this wonderful city and I'm about to leave it!'. So from Saturday onward I went into extreme tourist mode, strapped on my fanny pack and got to work! c2c1bd393722b8d043cb2e1380c528d1Yep these are the very steps that Pharrell and Snoop's bums graced in the 'Beautiful' video.

Other than seeing the colourful steps (which must have taken the workers ages to create by the way, there are so many tiles) I was also able to see a football game in the Maracana stadium and oh wow was it amazing. Let me state now, I am in no way a football fan. On TV I find it boring, all the bright green of the pitch just hurts my eyes to be honest, (I'm way more of a basketball girl). HOWEVER watching a match live is incredible and watching one in one of the world's most famous stadiums with crazy loud emotional brazillian fans, huge football flags and drums being played further up behind you is exhilerating! If that's just an ordinary football match I can't even begin to imagine what Carnival must be like. One day I'll have to find out.

As my holiday/volunteering experience extravaganza is coming to an end I'm realising that for some of you reading this your holiday may not have even begun yet. Your toes haven't even begun to touch grains of sand yet whilst I'm about to begin dusting off my flip flops. Wherever you're planning on going this summer, take full advantage of the warm weather, I definitely did!

First with my footwear which in true Carioca* style had to be Havaianas. In Rio people wear them pretty much everywhere and after buying a pair of my own I can see why: they are sooo comfortable, and so handy particularly for those impromptu trips to the beach.


These flip flops come in lots of different colours and styles, they're pretty cool. They sell them in England too but they're a stupid price there be warned...whereas in Rio with the exchange rate on our side they are cheap and cheerful.

I was also able to wear this adorable little (and yes I really do mean little) black dress that I bought with a lace overlay on top.


FullSizeRender (1)


As cute as it is, this is a classic case of what I like to call 'Short dress, Tall girl' where the tall girl's extra longness (that is definitely a word :) ) makes the dress seem teeny tiny. I think for holidays particularly if you're by the beach, to be worn over a bikini it's perfect because it's easy to get out of and its light material makes it fast drying.

However I don't know if I'd be able to brave London streets in it. If I ever do pluck up the courage I'll let you know! Thankfully, it's also very cute with jeans- if you're tall enough it just looks like a long top- so it can still serve a purpose once I have to give up my precious beach life.


Dress- Forever 21

Flip Flops- Havaiana

*Carioca is a name for a person from Rio.

Thank you to my lovely photo editor Maria João.