Zero Chill

It is getting really chilly, these days/nights. November is not playing games guys and I try to stay strong as I remember the real winter is 'only on its way'. How is it that the worst of the weather is still yet to come?? With all that doom and gloom I am SO GLAD the fashion world has decided to fight back! Fur coats have arrived like manna from heaven and boy am I glad, the perfect combination of diva and warmth!


I got my oversized furry bomber from surprise surprise H&M lol. At first, I really wasn't sure, I thought its oversizedness made me looked like a big furry bear. But after giving it a well-deserved chance I realised I am the flyest bear on the block this winter! Its also great because the sleeves long enough! That's a win for us Tall Girls.



I like that everyone is embracing fur because usually women's winter wear isn't that warm, at least on the highstreet but finally, the fashion leaders have realised girls get cold too, even the cute ones.


I paired this with a green leather skirt. Leather (or in my case faux leather) is great in winter, it just embodies those crisp sharp vibes. To go with the skirt I picked a grey top and suede boots and let's not forget tights!


I see some girls go about bare-legged these days and well I respect your bravery but I'm also very aware that there is nothing cute about catching pneumonia. You can look great with tights as I have (hopefully) demonstrated here...


Ever since I cut my hair I've been trying to pay more attention to detail by wearing more accessories.


My necklace is actually made of two necklaces- one which I love and one which I don't but can't be bothered to go return. My wisdom returned when I got home and realised I didn't like the pendants so I've just turned them around and put them at the back. I think it's great to be experimental with what you buy, some stuff you'll realise you don't like but for the times when you hit the jackpot, it is so worth it. It's nice to try stuff that you don't think is 'you'. You could find another dimension of yourself, rather than remain in your self-imposed style box.



Stay warm and well-dressed this winter.


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