The Green-Eyed Girl

green-eyes Jealousy. Whenever I feel it coming I always have to brace myself. It's that 'some type of way' feeling towards that person so you can't help but be just a bit icy towards them. It's that grumble every time they  do well at something. And that inner leap of joy when they don't. Sound horrible? Well, it is.

How and why do I even get jealous in the first place? I thought I'd explore because green eyes aren't always cute...

My jealousy generally falls into three categories: achievements, looks, and lifestyle.

Achievements: I do this one a lot, I see someone I used to know on social media and how much he/she has achieved and get jelly. But lately, I've started to ask myself? The things they've achieved, did I even really want them in the first place? If not then that the feeling doesn't even make sense and if so well there's enough success to go around. I better get off my butt and go get some like they did.

Looks: I have a hunch that a lot of girls are guilty of this one: being jealous of a girl they think is prettier than them. You can almost smell the jelly in people's hateful comments online.  It's funny how a lot of us girls think; like someone else being beautiful instantly makes you ugly. Our looks don't physically change. Someone else being more (in your opinion) doesn't make you less of what you are. There's room for more than one pretty girl in a room.

Life: I used to fall prey to this more when I was younger, I'm kind of over it now. It seems like these days moments aren't as special unless everybody knows you're having them. I read somewhere once that apparently, we are the 'celebrity generation'; everybody wants to be known. Was the person right or wrong? Well, it's hard to speak for everyone so I won't. But either way, people's social media lives now are somewhat of a big thing. But they are also a perfectly edited version of the real thing, ergo envying one is a big old waste of time.

Knowing there's no need to be jealous isn't always enough to make it go away which is why I actively combat green eyes. It starts with me being honest with myself about my jealousy. And it ends with me complimenting or congratulating the person on the thing I wish I had. And you know what so far it's always done the trick. It relieves me of the inner grumble and I stop seeing them as competition but instead as inspiration.

So my tip for today: don't waste time envying someone else. Take inspiration and grow yourself. Be your own person, create your own thing and run your own race.


If you're brave enough let me know what makes you jealous and how you deal with it.