The not-so-little LBD


Hi guys, so as it's my first post I thought I'd start off with something quite saucy. Now I absolutely love this dress and not just because of how fab I feel in it but also it was one of the last outfits I was able to enjoy in the lovely English sun before I had to move back up to cold old Scots Land.



Now I won't lie, I normally stay away from strapless dresses because I have come to live with (and love) the fact that my top half is small- and when you're Nigerian and the average cup size is like a Z trust me that aint easy. So I normally leave them to the girls with the more womanly figures; however this dress is very good at highlighting curves without giving you that 'uncomfortably tight' look. For someone like me who is quite slim and slight, it picks out the nice contours of my body that normal clothes would just skim over.




I paired it with a blue fluffy cardigan (and this I did not get from the Tall Section, there is hope guys!) to add a bit more dimension to my upper half and also because I'm not really in love with having my chest out but that's just a personal preference. For all you Tall Girls I would definitely say midi dresses and skirts are your best friends, where they can dwarf smaller people they will always hang beautifully on you.


Dress- Asos

Cardigan- Asos

Heels- Primark

Photography by the wonderful Angela Ogunfojuri, check out her blog