Until next time summer...


As I start to catch the cold lips and frozen nips that winter so kindly brings, I thought I would take one last glorious look back at the summer.


Mine was extremely long (four months to be exact) but productive. During that time I was able to go to Sweden, which I now know is absolutely full of tall, beautiful people. I mean seriously for the first time in ages I actually felt short, amongst the boys and girls. However do not let images of Scandinavian giants fill your heads, they wear their height so well and dress to suit it, it was inspiring.

This outfit was a summer favourite of mine, particularly on the days when I was just hanging out with friends and not doing anything fancy. The top is light enough for hot days and I love the floral detailing on the back, it allows it to be simple without being boring.


For you long legged beauties out there, shorts can be great, they allow you to celebrate what is probably the best 'tall perk' (lovely long legs) and are more comfortable than skirts because with shorts you seldom have to worry about them riding up and exposing you. Now, I must confess I'm really not a fan of the new style of shorts which cheerily display the southern region of the bum cheeks; so I was oh so happy when I found this pair that actually cover my entire bum. A friend who was with me at the time quite hilariously asked me if they were "a bit too long?" but each to their own I guess.



And last but not least I owed it to myself  and all the cheesy people who have gone before me to do the classic jump-in-the-air shot (fist pump not included). You would not believe how hard it is to actually get a decent jump caught on camera. Round of applause to all those 'cool-cats' who made it look easy...


Top- H&M

Shorts- Forever 21

Shoes- Converse

Photography- Angela Ogunfojuri. http://expressionlessface.blogspot.co.uk/

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