The BFG (Big Footed Girl)


If you're tall and you are lucky enough to have small feet, well great for you girl! As for the majority of us, there is the somewhat unpleasant correlation of height and big feet. It looks something like this:


 Tallness = big flippers.

Honesty time: I am a size 7/8 (but mostly 8). Now for a girl's shoe size that can be a very big and scary number because we think that girls are meant to have small dainty feet. This used to be a major self esteem issue for me because I felt like the whole world was constantly watching my shoes and thinking about how big my feet were. It would deter me from buying shoes and even wearing a lot of the ones I owned because I was always so paranoid that they made my feet look BIG.


It's only as I  write this down that I realise how dumb this sounds considering that biologically I make sense (if there's more of me than I'm going to need more foot to balance on), but I guess the things we worry about don't always make sense.

Now there are ways to avoid  your feet looking super duper long, staying away from pointy shoes is a start; but really I think it all boils down to your mindset. Making that decision to love yourself and your feet because they were designed by the most amazing creator. So for all of you suffering from low feet (or whatever else it may be)-esteem, I'd encourage you to stop worrying, I can almost guarantee that you're focusing on it much more than anyone else is.


Thankfully I have a cool (ish) big sister who very kindly told me to GET OVER IT! But for those of you who don't, remember that all these 'rules' of what's beautiful and what's not hugely differ from country to country. In Japan paler skin is more beautiful whereas a Cali girl wouldn't be caught dead without a tan; the Japanese also like their women slight and petite whereas Nigerians prefer their women with plenty of meat on their bones, the bigger the better I've heard many guys say.

These 'rules' also change over time: 'Does my bum look big in this?' in the western world has now become 'this doesn't make my bum look small does it?' and we're all tripping over each other to get to the gym so we can squat like our lives depend on it (there's no shame in it guys, I myself was an avid squatter). And why? Because a big juicy booty has become the new fad, at least until we all find another part of the body to obsess over.

My point is that you'll never be able to satisfy all the beauty rules because they change depending on where you go and a lot of them contradict each other. So instead why don't we all just put on our big girl pants and be brave. Let's love ourselves from the top to the very bottom.


P.S for those of you who do struggle to find shoes your size (and that's society's fault, not yours) here are a list of some shops that do bigger sizes:

-Long Tall Sally -they go up to a UK women's size 12

-Asos impressively go up to a size 12 also

-Converse (brand)




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