The Pink Coat Edition


So Glasgow has so graciously, through it's heavy rain and aggressive winds, forced me to face the fact that summer is long gone and winter is fast approaching. However despite my bitterness, along with the not-so-wonderful weather winter does bring the need for a good coat (yay!) Now I know that coats can be a sensitive subject for tall girls; nice, reasonably priced coats are being sold left, right and centre and yet we know we will never be able to enjoy them because the arms are forever coming up too short- winter's forbidden fruit so to speak.

Well my Tall Hotties have I got some news for you, as this world begins to expand its horizons by realising that women over 5 ft 6 do actually exist and require adequate layering during the winter (just like everybody else), more and more shops are coming out with coats in their Tall Sections that are, dare I say, nice!*


I fell in love with this one (courtesy of New Look). The old me wouldn't have had the guts to get it in such a bright colour but anyway I took a leap of faith and when it came (because yes New Look's Tall Section is only online now- boo) I knew I'd made the right decision. It was a touch expensive for me but I've realised that it is so worth investing in quality.

It's been pretty hard not to notice that long masculine coats are very much in fashion at the moment and this is definitely in our favour ladies, I always feel like a long frame is perfect for carrying off a long dramatic coat.

Now mine isn't particularly long but I just love how it all fits together; the length, the masculine cut, the feminine colour and simple detailing, ahh *sigh*.



I'd say especially if you have darker skin don't be afraid to go for a brighter coloured coat, yes black is a classic but it's also nice to have another more interesting alternative.


I'll be honest winter is my least favourite month; it's rainy, it's cold and it's dark but the show must go on so we may as well continue in style.


*Some highstreet shops selling a good range of coats in their Tall Sections:


-New Look

-Dorothy Perkins (they have quite a few different types of leather jackets to choose from if that's more you're thing)

-Zara (this one is cheating slightly as they don't have an official Tall Section but their coats fit some tall people (and they're so pretty!), but with this one all depends on your arm length)

-Next (I think they have outdone themselves this year, such a large range of beautiful coats in their Tall Section!)