The Queen of Hoxton... Long may she entertain


Now as some of you may know, I spent the first part of summer in Brazil; Rio de Janeiro to be precise. Now going from sitting on the beach enjoying the Brazillian sun in a nice 28 degrees to temperamental weather and awkward avoiding eyes on the underground can be a bit of a Debbie-downer. But I'd be unfair to say that London doesn't have its special bits too. One really cool hang out spot I discovered during summer was the Queen of Hoxton which houses a bar and DJ on the ground floor and a really cool, quite eccentric roof top cinema above.


When you walk in its not loud or overbearing like some places, it's such a nice chilled atmosphere, good music playing (they played rnb and old school when I was there) but not too loud. It's a nice space to have a drink in, play some foosball and catch up with friends. Even the crowd is a good mix. It being located in shoreditch it'd be easy to assume its full of 20-something year old hipsters. Now you will spot the odd manbun and beard combo or two but overall the crowd is well varied._DSC5264

The thing I love the most about this place is the decor; the leaves inside and lights give it a kind of outdoorsy vibe. And I just love the artwork on the walls particularly as you head up to the rooftop, I think it really gives the place character.

_DSC5190The actual rooftop is like a mini museum in itself with lots of perfectly random things. London is really good at creating these great quirky places.T-2



_DSC5245I went to watch Dirty Dancing with some friends the first time I went, and I couldn't help but think this would be a nice date spot. Up on the roof with the fairy lights all around and you snuggled underneath a blanket with headphones on, it's really cosy; like your own personal spot within this big ole busy city.

And I think that now would be the perfect time to go check it out as you enjoy those last not so freezing nights and bid summer farewell.

As this awesome little spot is in Shoreditch, for an East Londoner like myself, I don't have to travel far at all. If you want help finding your hometown hot spot like I have check out Eventbrite. They help me find events locally and they allow their users to sell tickets to their own events as well.

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