Work it Girl.

Hey Tall Beauties, Hope you're all well and excited for the beautiful Autumn that is among us. Autumn is by far my most favourite season fashion-wise. I love the challenge of looking good whilst having to keep warm and cosy and as I mentioned in a previous post I love layers.

So someone recently asked me what my favourite work-space is. As this is a brand new season for me, having started a new course at a new university, I thought it was a timely question as this is definitely a time for me to get my work on. Off the top of my head my bed comes to mind, I somehow always end up abandoning my desk and doing all my work in bed. However as strong as my love is for my bed, it's a productivity killer, always making me fall asleep so that can't be my favourite.

I'm quite a visual person, how things look have a big impact on me so I would say my ideal place to work would need to be beautiful. Just saying this reminds me of my visit to Hampstead Heath Park for the first time with my friend Angela*. After walking for ages (and I do mean ages, Hampstead Heath is huge) we reached this very cool garden place with a stone building in it, those indoor outdoor ones with lots of archways and an open roof on top; it had some very strong Italian vibes with all the greenery and what not. It was so pretty.


A space looking out to a beautiful view would be great because let's be real actually being in the space in the nice warm sun, concentration would be difficult...

I don't know if I'm the only one but being a lover of fashion, clothes can contribute quite a bit to my experiences. Like how if I wear something I don't feel comfortable in it makes me hold back a bit more in whatever I'm doing that day. Similarly my ideal work-space needs to include me in comfortable clothing; to get really into my work I need to be completely comfortable. And that doesn't necessarily mean dress like a slob (although sometimes it does) but even just wearing clothes that I can comfortably sit cross legged in for example. The playsuit I wore that day is a perfect example in fact. I love the colour; bright colours should just marry dark skin. And I love how easy it is to dress up or down and most of all how comfortable it is to wear.



Toni-2So overall I'd say my ideal place to work, as I don't currently have a good favourite place to work in, would be in a room to myself with a HUGE window looking out to something beautiful. And inside that room a huge desk (I'm a messy worker so I need space to spread out) and a big soft chair that offers almost bed-like comfort.

If this season is a time for you to get your work on like me and you don't have access to a space where you can be productive then check out WeWork! They have a big variety of office spaces around the world that are available for people to work in from individuals to start up companies.

*Angela is my longtime friend plus my most awesomest photographer, check out her blog her photographs are really beautiful.

Playsuit- H&M (beware, it wrinkles very easily.)

Wedges- Dorothy Perkins

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