Some sunshine for your troubles

I was very lucky when I was in Gothenburg, the weather was really sunny and not too cold every day I was there; my friend told me it rained when I left... IMG_6224

And thanks to the lovely weather I was able to wear a dress I bought a little while ago from Topshop that was on sale! This was my first purchase from there in over a year I think, and I was very happy to get back in the game with this.


It is the most comfortable dress ever because from the neck down it just hangs on your body gently and its turtle neck makes it great for this time of year when it's getting warmer but isn't warm yet.

Over-the-knee high boots came back in fashion a few months ago and I've been really wanting to get my hands on a pair but its so hard to find a pair that actually stay up on your legs. Saggy boots just make me sad. I've snuck my way around it for now by pairing over-the-knee socks with ankle boots.


Long socks look cute on all heights really but if you have long legs they really do put in the work for you! A great way to get your legs out without actually having to get your legs out. And I think most girls will agree with me that there's something the gap between the bottom of your dress (or skirt) and where your socks start just makes your outfit cute! And armed with the tiniest bag, for the days when you need a bag but you don't really want to carry one. This is me every time I go out, I'm lactose intolerant so I always carry tablets with me so I can eat whatever I please.


I like how these photos turned out, I think the multi-textured background is very cool. I just wish the sunlight hadn't been quite so bright, I look very melanin deprived in a bunch of these, which I'm not used to but at least I kind of managed to stay my colour for this one.


I'm excited for this month and the ones ahead and hopefully you are too! For anyone with exams in the near future, best of luck! Mine are approaching too. Work hard but save time to enjoy the good weather too.

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