Meet the new kid on the block

IMG_3499 Welcome to this brand new section on my blog dedicated trends: loving them, hating them and being confused by them. They're a great way to look at what direction different fashion circles are moving in. Trends are funny because for me at least when they first come out I'm looking at the new thing like hmmm but over time seeing enough people rock it I can eventually get sold on it. Who knows maybe I'm as fickle as they are.

And that's the other thing because trends are so fickle I embrace the ones love but I don't kill myself to keep up with them. They are temporary, I'm permanent.

Like sandcastles; a lot of time and effort goes into making and keeping them . But eventually it'll be forgotten about and someone will create something new. Fashion is flexible like that I think.

Look out for the newest trend post coming out soon!

And If you have any ideas for trends you'd like to see a post on let me know in the comment section below.