Snip snip.

It's been about month now since I cut my hair and so I thought I'd share with you the mental roller coaster I was on; maybe some of you can relate... Image-3

Thoughts I had before: -this is gonna make me so look so edgy -I can't wait to see what it looks like -can't wait to get rid of this hair

Thoughts during: -wow can't believe I'm actually doing this -goodbye ugly unhealthy hair see you NEVER! -hmm did this woman really just give me a shape up?! -ok Jesus has regained the wheel, deep breathes -it's looking kind of cool

Thoughts after: -wow it's really short -I can't believe I actually did it I'm brave...not -yep...I did it... what the heck have I done??? -I look like a boy -I'm gonna have to wear pink now for a while to help people avoid confusion about my gender -oh I'm destined for the single life for sure now!

And my thoughts now: Overall I'd say it was a good choice, stepping out of your comfort zone always tends to be. I do have those days when I'm walking through Westfield and I see other girls with nice long beautiful hair I'm slightly jelly but then I tell myself to shutup real quick. Beauty does not come in one form. Plus short hair is so nice and easy to take care of every day and it's given me a much more interesting look which is pushing me to try clothes and accessories that I wouldn't have before.


Everybody had been asking me the same question 'What made me decide to cut it?' Well I was going natural (that means no more use of straightening chemicals in my hair, check the 'Back to the Root' post for more info) so I had to cut off my relaxed hair, but I big chopped instead of a slow transition because I was curious. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's ever wondered what they look like with little/no hair.

What I have learnt through this: confidence is key! It will always be the best accessory to your look and style. It's important to establish who you are first of all and second of all who's opinions count and who's just don't. Because if you ever do anything even remotely interesting people will have an opinion on it. Without these key two you will be swayed big time- left, right and all over the place about how you feel about yourself.


Let me know in the comments section if you can relate after trying a new look and for anyone considering it I'd say as long as you're doing it for you go for it, be brave and if you don't like it, well hey that's what wigs are for!