Classic with a twist

I think I'd forgotten just how well plain tops and denim go together. You can always find them in the 'basics' section in stores but I think a better word to describe them would be 'classics'. They've passed the test of time by surviving throughout the many different fashion eras. _DSC2471

Tall beauties if you haven't already I really believe it's time to get high-waisted. High waisted anything from jeans to shorts to skirts are your best friends, they'll showcase your lovely long legs in their full awesomeness. The fit of these shorts are great, they aren't uncomfortably short and they don't try to choke my thighs, plus the frayed edges give it that really casual but still hot look.


I bought my boots three years ago believe it or not and they've stood the test of time. I haven't gotten bored of them yet plus people are still asking me where I got them from. I think that's the reason I try not to focus my style too much on trends, it's easy to be blinded by something's popularity for a season. And after the trend is gone its like the lenses fall off and you see it for what it really was. I had some black and white stripey jeans sitting in my wardrobe that were a testament to this. I wore them a grand total of about 4 times over two years before finally donating them to charity.


An old-school bring back I'm loving right now is hoop earrings! I feel like we owe an apology to the so-called *'chavs' of a few years ago who were loyal to the hoop through the good and bad times. They got a lot of stick for bit back then whereas a lot of us are wearing them now. I like how simple they are yet they can add so much more oomph to your look. To put a twist on the plain regular hoops I wore these pair of hoop-like patterned earrings from Topshop.



To top off the look I added an oversized black sheer shirt, and I love love love how it looks on top of denim. Can I also add that this outfit is so comfortable! I'm learning lately how important it is to look comfortable in an outfit. I don't know why but when I see a girl in an amazing pair of shoes, for example, but she looks like she's struggling to walk in them it just doesn't look as good.  And considering the amount of money a lot of us spend to look good, it's important that we get to feel good too. The best fashion looks effortless in my opinion.



From top to bottom: Earrings-Topshop Sheer shirt- a swedish store whose name I don't know, but I can pretty much bet money that h&m sells similar Vest top- h&m basics Denim shorts- Levi's Boots- New Look


*for my foreign readers who may not have come across the word 'chav' before:



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