All Black Everything 

I wore this top a few weeks ago when I went out clubbing and although it was a last minute decision I really liked it. What better way to paint the town red than by wearing classic black eh? Black is a statement colour for sure, being able to say so much without needing many accents or accessories. _DSC2614 I was looking around online for a v-back top* for ages. No seriously, I must've have spent a good two hours making my way through the online shopping world. I found so many variations of what I was looking for as open back is reaaally popular right now- it seems back is the new cleavage- but I did not find 'the one'. What I did find was a lot of this:

image1xxl (1)


Which although a bit similar to what I ended up with, I have to say I don't like them. In my top I already felt like I was showing a lot of skin without an added side boob opening and a low cut front. I feel like I'm invading the privacy of the girls above just by looking at them. I also think it's quite hard to look flattering from a full on revealing side profile like that. Some manage but for many there can be way too much side boob, saggy side boob and let's not forget about the marks on our sides from the many years of being slave to The Bra.

Also quick but very important side note: They remind me of the green mankini from the movie Borat.


So I'm sorry to say girls I'm not a fan. I've only seen one girl wear that type of top and thought she's killing it. I'm all for a bit of backless but not with a half of my boob out, nips on the verge of freedom, no thanks. When showing skin I think there's a fine line between hot and dear lord.


Now I'd be outright lying to you if I said I wore those jeans on my night out. I can't do trousers or jeans in a club, I'd be sweating like my life depends on it within the hour. I wore a grey denim zip-skirt out but for this post I was suddenly in the mood for all black. If I was going to a bar or to a fancy-ish dinner- great places where ventilation is a thing- this is probably an outfit I would wear. And while we're on the topic of jeans may I testify to the wonders finding a good pair will do for your booty. Size can be good but a nice round bum is even better I think, big or small. Find the jeans that give that to you or enhance it if you've naturally got it.



There's something about wearing black that brings out the inner badass especially in heels. And it's nice to bring that out every now and again. I love my clothes and I expect them to love me back making me feel comfortable and confident. This one did the job.


The shoes are some black strappy sandals from New Look methinks. Not as comfortable I won't lie but there has to be compromise I guess.

For the girls who were graced with a beautiful long torso (unlike myself) open back will look even better on you! Stay sassy Tall Girls x


*(like a v-neck but for your back or I guess open back top for some of you more sensible folk)

Top- Asos

Jeans- New Look Tall section