Yaaay so I'm finally 21. I don't normally get excited about birthdays until they arrive but there was a certain build up to this one. There's just something exciting about reaching a milestone age, it feels like you get a fresh start at life, a chance to do things better than you did last year. Of course this is all poop because any day can be a fresh start if you want it to be lol but still it's nice to get some extra birthday motivation. On the day people kept telling me that I'm officially an adult. The freedom part of that feels great but the responsibility part: that now my own life is completely down to me sounds a bit scary.

My birthday was on Wednesday (the 17th) and my 'party' was on the 19th. The Wednesday was a nice chilled day; it involved some episodes of girlfriends (who remembers that show?!), lounging with my huge bear and lots of my favourite kind of food- the free kind!- provided by my friends and family.

Friday was full of it's own festivities: friends came to mine for some pre-cocktails before heading out for more cocktails and dancing at Dirty Martini in St Pauls.

21 is a big deal in the world of birthdays so obviously I wanted a great dress but at the same time not something so over the top I'd never wear it again; I'm all about shopping smart these days. I got this dress from Asos for a bargain, like seriously my shoes cost more than my dress. Some people think it has to be expensive or hand made or extremely different. My only requirement was that I looked and felt hot in it. And yep I'd say job done.


I'm really happy I'm 21 now (as weird as that sounds) and I plan to make the most of this year. I see it as a fresh start for me, I'm so motivated to put my best into all the things that come my way this year, but also have way more happy and laughable moments. Whether your birthday is tomorrow or 10 months from now, a fresh start is ready waiting for you too. Don't wait for a milestone to come, reach out and take it now.