Around this time of year when the weather starts to get cold and a new academic year starts, I can't help but look back at the sunny days I enjoyed and possibly took for granted. And well guys that time is officially here, at least in Brighton it is. September really spoilt us; I remember sitting on the beach thinking it was too hot and going into town in flipflops a few weeks ago! But the beginning of October is making me nervous, winter is definitely coming and so its lots of uni work. So to get me to chill out I thought I'd look back at an outfit shoot I did in summer... _dsc2914


Although not something I'd usually go for (I'm not that into lace or frills) I'm really feeling this  victorian-type top with a high neck. Now that I have short hair I definitely want to give my neck more attention by trying out polo-neck tops too and more necklaces. I'm not sure if this top is meant to be a crop top of some sort but with my really short torso it fit me well. I like tops that aren't too long, they can be good for accentuating long leggedness.



I'm also learning how much of a difference nice accessories can make to an outfit. I've never really been an accessory person but doing the big chop has helped changed that. I love these round pinky sunglasses I found (on sale of course!) and my cute little brown bag.



I think it's healthy to look back now and then, for good memories and sometimes to track your progress. It can either help you be very appreciative for where you are now or give you the kick up the bum you might need. remind yourself of where you were and where you are now. The start to this new year has been fun for me but not nearly creative enough and a bit stressful at times with uni stuff. New seasons are great but they can be busy and throw you off focus. I've been sleeping on the job a bit in a few of the areas that make up my life but I think it's definitely time to get back into action. Despite winter's close arrival hibernation will not be on the cards for me.