The Real You


Every so often I have some (somewhat) deep thoughts and I thought I'd share this one with you guys. IMG_0964-2

(Deep breath) Right, here is a picture of me au natural (no make-up, no hair extensions)



Why is she showing me her naked face you might ask? (Excuse the chink in my eyebrow by the way- threading mishap) Well the answer is simply that not many people do these days. I mean I love make-up as much as the next person; it is so much fun to play with, but I feel like  nowadays it’s being used more and more as a tool to totally recreate ourselves into someone ‘better’. Not to generalise because I'm sure people have lots of different reasons for wearing it, but for some it appears to have become almost a means of disguise (the amount of before and after shots I've seen that look like two different people *sigh*).

Now I'll be honest, in a lot of the after shots the girls do look good, but they don’t look anything like themselves anymore. And I think that's the sad bit; men are being deceived and get attracted to the products we wear rather than the person underneath.

I get wanting to look attractive for the opposite sex but if you are wearing it to win the hearts of all men, well maybe you should ask yourself what you’re going to do with all that admiration when you succeed? Cause you sure ain't taking it to the bank.

I think that at least once in a while we should be brave and show our real selves because girls we were made beautifully, all of us.

As a way to stop myself from getting addicted to wearing make-up, every so often I make myself  go a normal day completely make-up free; just so that I can keep reminding myself that I am comfortable with people seeing the real me.

I thank my mum for my ability to like myself sans make-up. She didn't let me wear make-up until I was 16 and although at the time I was really peeved (I had a few self-esteem issues when I was younger) I am so thankful for it now. From a young age she forced me to love myself the way I was made and see the beauty in the real me. Cheers mum.

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