The Motherland 

Happy 2016 guys! A bit late I know but I've been pretty busy since the new year started- I was away and then I had exams to do and coursework to hand in as soon as I got back. This holiday season was definitely my best so far; after 20 years I finally got to go to my motherland: Nigeria. I can't even properly describe how good it felt to be home! A class I took last term developed in me a little obsession with Africa so being able to finally step foot on the continent (even after a whole day of travelling) was very cool for me.

My parents live in Ijebu so I stayed there for most of the time but also went to Lagos quite a bit. And what can I say? The weather was amazing- no rain and over 30 degrees everyday from start to finish, and in the most beautiful natural settings.

Getting to live with my parents again, meet family I'd never met before, eat Nigerian food till my heart's content, go to lots parties and just be around my own people was just the kind of holiday I needed.



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Seeing and connecting with Nigeria for myself; seeing it's greatness and what majorly needs work (the living standards between the rich and poor were unbelievable), it really opened my eyes and changed my perspective. It wasn't what I was expecting and I'm glad. I'm so motivated to make the most of my opportunities here in the UK, so that after I can go back and help lift my country to its full potential.

I'm excited for this new year and I hope you are too. For me I feel like this year there needs to be a lot more hard work and I plan to seize the moment a lot more- do what I need to do today instead of putting it off for tomorrow. I saw a phrase on an app that said 'Your best year ever starts now' and I believe that. Even if this year so far has been the worst start possible you can still make it great, you just have to be intentional about it. My aim for 2016 (in a nutshell) is to do things to help myself, help others and stay inspired.

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