In the heart of Winter.


Well there's no denying it, we are in the heart of winter. The trees look cold and naked and the outside air is harsh. If you can't already tell, Winter is my least favourite season of the year. I'm a summer girl through and through and so my wardrobe naturally leans towards warm days. So when the bitter cold rolls through I tend to get fashion fatigue and just wear comfy clothes- 'screw fashion!' is my thought, I just hate being cold. I see people dressing warm and looking great around me all the time but it's still something I am trying to master. Having long arms makes it harder to buy jumpers which is sad as there are so many nice ones in stores; so my jumper collection is very limited. But I am not a giver-upper, my goal for 2016 fashion-wise is definitely to dress warm and comfortable and still keep it cute.

In the meantime I walked past this dress and ended up buying it on a whim. I just love the pattern and the fit is very cute. I love skirts and dresses, I think they can be for the warm and cold seasons. Paired with some nice thick tights, a warm jacket and some boots one doesn't need to freeze for fashion.








Dress- H&M

Leather Jacket- Topshop (Tall Section)

Boots- Zara