Goteburg (pronounced yoh-teh-bori)


Last Friday I jetted off to Gothenburg, Sweden via Ryanair- the beautiful souls who sell tickets for £20 return. After a whole year of being apart, me and my two (half-)Swedish besties met up for a reunion.  

IMG_6347 Noise Reduc

It was so needed, the five days were great, so relaxed and fun. I love those friends that you won't see for ages but then when you do there's no awkwardness, you just pick up right where you left off. These two are definitely those friends.




During the five days we went clubbing (Swedish boys are beautiful but are very erm interesting when it comes to trying to pick up girls), out to eat, and a lot of lounging around watch movies, laughing and drinking cocktails! Sweden is so beautiful, I would definitely recommend it.





But it wasn't just the beauty of the holiday or my being with my friends that made it so great. It was getting away from day to day life that just helped me refocus and remember what was actually important in the bigger picture. It's easy to get bogged down in the small stuff and let it block your vision. A holiday can be a good way to take off the emotional sunglasses.


My friend said a few days ago that she was the best version of herself when she was on holiday and I think I am too. But unfortunately I'm not rich enough to hop on a plane every time I've had enough. Sometimes you have to stick around and tough it out.

Have a good Easter my loves!

P.S if you are thinking of visiting Gothenburg some things I'd recommend:

-Max; the yummiest, best quality fast food I've ever had. Make sure you get the hot cheese sauce!

-Have a walk around Slottskogen, the park pictured above

-Go shopping in Nordstan (shopping centre)

-And most importantly fika, which is going for coffee a Swedish tradition. Their cafes are open until the early hours of the morning!