Shahirah Ahmed 

Hey Tall Beauties, anyone remember the post way back called BFG? Well it's a lot easier to love your bigger feet when their in a kick-ass pair of shoes! Before the chorus of moans and groans start, don't worry my loves, already got you covered! Meet fellow Tall Girl Shahirah Ahmed, a blogger who not only has bigger feet but has the most gorgeous shoe collection and will make you realise you have no excuse to be ashamed or buy boring shoes! And who better to introduce Shahirah then the Shoe Queen Extraordinaire herself!


T: So we know you're an awesome tall shoe blogger but tell us a bit about yourself. S: I'm originally from Sacramento, CA and I've been living in Southern California for about 4 years. I graduated from Long Beach State in fashion merchandising and have worked in every "branch" of fashion from marketing to design, styling, etc. I currently have a full time desk job during the day and I blog at night. I shoot for my blog and spend time with friends during the weekends. I also love looking through fashion trends and listening to motivation podcasts during my downtime.


T:What age did your love affair with shoes start and what triggered it? S: I noticed my love affair with shoes in the 6th grade. I remember two pairs of shoes my mom bought me from Payless and I was so excited. I didn't care where they were from I loved them because they were unique and super cute, Payless or not! After that I got into trends, Jordan's were the thing back in high school.

T: You're all about shoes for women with bigger feet, what was it that made you get into this in the first place? S: The moment I decided I wanted to get into shoes for women with bigger feet, I was in high school shopping for prom heels. That was the hardest search of my life! I knew during that time I wanted to provide more options for those of us being left out.


T: Out of all the shoes you own what are your favourite pair? S: Every now and then I get lucky and find a pair of heels I want to wear with everything. Right now my favorite/go-to heels are a pair of black pointed toe tie-up heels by Sam Edelman. I wear them all the time these days, I absolutely love them!


T: Who's your favourite shoe designer? S: I don't really have a favorite shoe designer. High end designers like Alexander wang, Dior and even Kanye west have to be apart of the list of designers I love! I don't particularly have a favorite.

T: Where are your favourite places to shop for larger shoes? S: My favorite places to shop are Nordstrom, Nine West (you can find this brand in House of Fraser), Torrid and Zappos.

T: On a day to day are you a flats or heels girl? S: I would wear heels everyday if I could! But since I have a long commute to work each day I love to wear heels, the short platform type or booties. I do own a few pairs of flats but I only wear them to my 8-5.


T: What advice would you give to women out there with feet-insecurity? S: Turn it into a positive. Embrace your feet, they are apart of you. If we don't love ourselves who will? My Big feet are a blessing. I used to be so embarrassed and ashamed to even tell anyone my shoe size. They have inspired my dreams and there's absolutely no way I could be financially stable if I had smaller feet! I love shoes that much and so somehow my feet added to the fire, turning a "negative" into a positive.


Well there you have it girls, straight from the fashionista's mouth! Could anyone else not help but drool over her amazing fashion sense? I'll definitely be taking notes! Want more where that came from? Check out her blog here.

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