Back at it again

Hey guys, feels like its been an age right? I've been crazy busy since I moved back to Brighton for uni, moving my stuff into my room, starting my new jobs (yup that's right jobs plural, this year should be an interesting one..) and well let me not lie I've been heartily enjoying freshers week. I was feeling way too 'old' for freshers and so 'over it' as this year was marking the start of my fourth year at uni *sigh* buuut as I moved in and got to hang out with my friends turns out I wasn't over it after all. Sometimes it's good to get the last of summer out of your system and just let your hair down before stuff starts to get real.


So that's what I did and with all those fun memories behind me on Monday I had to step into The First Day of School. My favourite part of the day was definitely seeing people I hadn't seen in ages, but the work part: meh. Serious times are definitely ahead.

The bright side of going back to school however, is an excuse for new clothes! Summer was great but I'm happily welcoming the season for new coats, jumpers, skirts etc. Autumn has got to be my favourite season fashion-wise. I've seen so much that I like already especially with Fashion Week inspiring everybody but I've been trying to restrain myself.  So far I've done really well minus one slip up, but moving swiftly on...


I love this kind of look for 'back-to-school' style- grown girl edition, it's casual and kind of edgy too.


If I was wearing this outfit to uni, let me not tell a lie, I wouldn't wear it with heels. There will never come a day when it's that deep. But the outfit would be nice too with trainers or chunky boots. I am obsessed with boots right now, I think everyone is to be honest. Chunky ones in particular Tall Girls, are a Godsend because you (or at least I) can actually walk in them rather than doing the awkward bob.


I never thought I was a plaid shirt kind of girl but they're so comfortable and effortless. The only qualms I have with this particular one is that it wrinkles so easily.. but I'll definitely be getting myself another. What I love about simple outfits is that they can showcase your long features beautifully. Your long legs can easily get lost in the sauce when there's loads going on.



So there you have it kids.. my back to school look. As you head back to school or work and the days get darker and the nights get colder, do what you can to get through and enjoy your new season. Summer isn't the only time for fun.

Shirt- New Look Jeans- who know's I've had them for so long Heels- Primark actually, they're a few years old too Bag- H&M